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Friday, June 27, 2014

Venus in Fur: Theatrical Cinema at its Best

The French Press really loved La Vénus à la fourrure (Venus in Fur – written by Roman Polanski and David Ives – the latter is the dramatist who wrote the Tony-nominated play) – you can check out the ratings on the French site allocine – even if French is not a language you speak well, the star ratings will give you an idea of how well this film went down.

If you’re interested in reading more (in English) check out the Press Kit that was put out for the 2013 Festival de Cannes where Venus was in competition.

Watch a clip from the play that opened off-Broadway in 2010 and moved onto Broadway in 2011 – I think Nina Arianda is delightful.

Trailer with Emanuelle Seigner and Mathieu Almaric


Michelle.U said...

I just want to say what a great blog! I have never heard of the movie Camille Claudel but I am glad that I have came across it all thanks to you. At first it was a bit difficult to understand what the story behind that movie was all about only because it's in French but I read more and more about it and understood it better as I read on more. Anyhow, Juliette Binoche did an incredible job and it was very believable. It's sad how her brother Paul decided to send for off to the asylum in Avignon. I guess he just couldn't deal with her behavior and he felt that was best for her. Camille later in life however did meet a man named Auguste Rodin, she actually loved him but at the same time he just made her world a living mess. During the time she spent in the asylum, she was just unfit to the people that she was around with. She appeared to be quite delusional. Nonetheless, I enjoyed your wonderful blog, keep writing!

Maurie Ly said...

The movie of Camille Claudel is such a moving story. This story pretty much revolves around Camille and how she function her daily life in the Asylum just outside of Avignon. Around the age of 50, her brother Paul placed his sister, Camille in the Asylum but she wanted desperately to get out. She waited and waited until Paul came to her impending visit so she can plead her freedom to paul in hopes that it would change his mind to get her out from there. Camille was very much in a despair kind of condition, she felt so alone and miserable. Everything that she did and the people that surrounded her in the asylum was something that she often seems to battle with. For a lack of better words perhaps it was paranoia. Needless to say, what a remarkable movie and you did a beautiful job writing your blog to share to us, thank you.

Alla said...

The Venus in fur movie trailer just made me make a free time and watch it.
I personally do not like to watch trailers, because they always tend to tell an entire movie. But this trailer for this particular movie only made me to schedule a movie night). It seems like an actress doesn't stop acting,yet isn't being realistic. I think I know few people that use this personality when they tend to joke around. It's like they are joking, yet being serious about it. This movie by Roman Polanski is a definitely a movie to watch. Thanks a lot for introducing me to it.

marciajames1219 said...

First off, I love your blog Professor Elstob!!! I watched the movie trailer of Venus and it appeared to me that is a comedy film. I love comedies. One thing I noticed is that the actor/actress did not even have a french accent. I thought that French movie would have actors with French accent. I liked to the first video clip but wasn't able to open the second one. Thank you for blogging this movie.

Malachiah Parker said...

Hello professor Elstob, I also really love your blog! It was very interesting to me to watch the short clip of 'Venus and Fur Clip 1". The short clip made my night. I watched it with my girlfriend. I really love their acting! Me and my girlfriend laughed so much that we decided to watch more clips of the play on YouTube. Thanks to you Mr.Elstob, me and my girlfriend would now like to see the play live in person! But I am sure it is no more Broadway plays going anymore for Venus and Fur. If there are any more plays you know about, please let me know!