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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Attila Marcel: Memories, Movies, and Make-Believe

Sylvain Chomet's fisrt live action film has not been widely reviewed outside of his Canadian homeland, so here are two reviews, one from the 2013 Toronto Film Festival and the second from the Montréal Gazette:

Attila Marcel: Toronto review
Attila Marcel: Montréal Gazette


French Civilization said...

I liked both articles.

Maurie Ly said...

La Bataille De Solferino which means Battle of Solferino is an interesting film I must say. A TV journalist named Laetitia Dosch went to work to cover an assignment while her ex, Vincent Macaigne decided to show up very late to a court appointed to visit their two daughters. Vincent is known to be a constant verbal abuser to his ex, Dosch. Vincent was just the kind of guy that lacks any emotion towards the people that he is around especially to his ex and his kids. He is very selfish and quite violent; Dosch despises him and they always fought a lot and it mostly involves the two little girls. I would also like to mention that the soundtrack were pretty fitting to the film as well. I believe the band is called, Dead Man's Bones. Nonetheless, another great blog. Keep writing Prof. Elstob!

Michelle.U said...

A film La Bataille De Solferino is between two ex couple fighting and not able to get along. Laetitia Dosch and Vincent Macaigne struggles to agree with each other and they both slap and hit one another without even thinking. Vincent is an aggressive and difficult man to be around with and he got in to Laetitia apartment one day and tried to take their kids away. Some part in the film, he even tried to play with the girls in Laetitia apartment and she was just not having it. They both go back with each other with the arguments and disagreements as well. I thought this film was different, something I have never watched in my entire life; well, I'm speaking about the genre in this particular case. All in all, I didn't mind this film, at times I find it difficult to understand but it was interesting to say the very least. Great blog!

Hai Le Phung said...

Reading this blog makes me very curious to watch these films. After reading several of the above comments, it seems that the ex husband is an abusive one. The former wife does not want to handle with the man and deal with the constant bickering and arguing. My thoughts on this film tells me that no relationship is ever perfect. There will always be ups and downs however, sometimes there is peace and forgiveness. In this scenario, it does not appear that way yet both ex husband and wife still share the same children. It may be hard to get along but to have kids together shows that the two need to become more mature and raise them both equally.