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Friday, October 11, 2013

Is France in the lead ecologically?

The recent banning of fracking in France is a courageous move that moves away from a dependency on oil and towards a less damaging way of fueling our transport systems.  Here is the NY times article:


Kirsten Malme said...

Personally I would like us all to move away from our dependency on oil. I like France taking a stand and moving possibly in another direction, I hope others follow. I was in a math class several years ago and the professor mentioned that advances had been made on developing cars that run on water, however the oil industries were pushing to keep these advances from being introduced for mass production to continue our dependence on oil. The industry is regulated by supply and demand and the push for corporations personal interest to make money instead of the environmental impacts that will be felt for years to come.

Regine Moncada said...

I think France made a huge step in banning Fracking. When I took an environmental class last semester, I learned all about how fracking was bad. People in the area had water that was black. People were dying from the air in that surrounding area because of all the pollution. Banning fracking can save a lot of people and animals. There are other ways to fuel the economy, and I just don't think that fracking was the way to go. We need to find another way to go about without using so much oil.